Outfit // I <3 my attitude problem

Had a really fun day with some friends today! So I dressed up and went out! And guess what? It turned out to be another movie night!

Another old blogpost that I still want to share with you guys!

VG9_qMHBV0-tP-zjumFj3wG-n2bTVvV8Yw63lKoHS_kBefore we went to the movies, we decided to do a bit of shopping. You know, things like something to eat and drink while watching the movie. And well, while we were there anyways, I asked them to make some pictures with my mobile phone!


Outfit rundown:
Top – Thrifted / Skirt – Black planet / Tights – Ebay / Boots – Demonia
Hat – Claires / Hairpins – Claires



Yes, that’s a toy store on the background. We can’t resist them, ok?


Oh hey look! It’s a finger of my friend who took the pictures in the lower corner! Haha!

So we went to the movie Oblivion. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. It was actually kinda fun to watch, so let’s just call it a good movie. That, and the fact that I just love Morgan Freeman, but was sad when I didn’t see that much of him!

The movie had some really awesome twists, but went kinda slow sometimes, and way too fast at other times. I thought the ending was too sudden, but it was still a good movie. Fun to watch!


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4 Responses to Outfit // I <3 my attitude problem

  1. Correct me if i’m wrong, but… Did i take these pictures? Think we even watched the movie together, lol.

  2. Max says:

    I really like the combination of the top with the shirt and skirt aswell. It looks great on you!

  3. tsukikonishimura says:

    other ppl have the problem sweety your just to normal to CARE 🙂 HIHIHIHI sorry to easy great outfit !!!

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