Outfit // Boney Tights

Aren’t these tights just awesome? I already have them laying around for a while, and never found the perfect dress to go with them. Until I went shopping this week and found this amazing dress for cheap at the H&M sale. Can’t make this girl happier then with a sale.

So today I went to the cinema and saw the movie Pain & Gain. It’s based on a true story, but I just couldn’t take the movie seriously. It was pretty much a comedy, while there really were people who died.. Anyways, it was fun to go to the movies again, because I didn’t have a chance to go for a really long time. And of course, I dressed up for it, because I felt like it.

Outfit details:
Jacket – H&M
Dress- H&M
Tights – Ebay
Shoes – VanHaren
Bracelets – Thrifted
Earrings – Claires

We played with the flash for a bit, and I like the poses with flash better. But we didn’t really had that much time, because it got pretty crowded. But I still want to share the crappy-ish flash pictures with you guys!

And I also have some detail shots of my feet:


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5 Responses to Outfit // Boney Tights

  1. Kate T. says:

    very cool tights 🙂

  2. what, we’re getting foot shots now?? 😛 awesome outfit! ^^

  3. sharon says:

    lol cute

  4. Alix says:

    Those are the tights of my dreams!!!!!!

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