Outfit // Meow!

Yes! It finally arrived! My package from DressLink containing this awesome cat dress! That was about time! Of course I had to make an outfit with it right away!

Outfit details
Dress – DressLink / Tights – Takko / Shoes – Van Haren / Choker – Claires / Bracelets – Thrifted / Jacket – H&M / Belt – Thrifted

Sorry for the location of the pictures! But there were huge sales in the city, and of course I needed to be there and throw my money away, haha! I bougt a lot of casual tops, especially for winter, because summer is coming to an end. But I still managed to get the last bit of sun. But wow! The city was all crowded! So we looked for a quiet place somewhere in an alley to make the pictures. So here you go!

I really like this dress! This was my first order ever from DressLink, and I am pretty happy with it. It arrived in a decent amount of time, and the dress is from a really good quality! It’s not too thick, and not too thin, so it’s perfect for upcoming autumn! Yay!


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3 Responses to Outfit // Meow!


  2. sharon says:

    yay you finaly got your kitty dress yaaaay

  3. Miss Alice says:

    I love the dress!!! *.* I want one as well :3 so cute!

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