Wishlist 05-09-2013

It’s time for a wishlist! What do I really want to buy in the rest of this year? We’ve only got about 4 months left. Here we go!

The number 1 thing on my wishlist are Creepers. I would like a black pair and a white pair. But they are pretty expensive!

Black/grey top
It’s listed as a dress, but it’s so not a dress! I really like it, because it’s simple and easy to combine. I wouldn’t mind if it would appear in my closet.

Black top
I really really really like this top, mainly because of how it’s worn on the picture. I would wear it similair, but with different shoes and another bag!

Tiger Dress
I just LOVE this tiger printed dress!

Loose tiger top
So many lovely tiger things! You can wear this top as a dress as well, but I wouldn’t do that personally.

Black/white chiffon dress
With studs on the sleeves! This dress caught my eye and after a few weeks I still want it!

Top with tigerhead
Why are all these tigerprinted things so awesome? I think it’s in fashion or something. Don’t care, still want them!

White/Black cut sleeved top
This one is so awesome! I think I would wear it on a leather pants, which I still need to buy…

Triangle print top
There is something with this top that I really like, but I can’t put my finger on it. But non-the-less it deserves a place on my wishlist!

Scan Print top
Same story as the one above this one!

Skull Cutout shirt
This skull cutout is SO awesome!

Kitten top
Just how adorable is this kitty? I think I can combine this one easily, and it would look awesome!

Skeleton top
This one is also somewhere on the top of my list, along with the creepers. I can’t be the only one that thinks the way they printed the bones is just adorable, right?

Galaxy print blouse
This one would look so awesome combined with a black dress and blue tights! And I am pretty sure that this one can be combined in so much more ways!

Dress Me Up – Top
There also is a black variant of this top, but I think I like the white one better!

Monster top (with zipper)
How awesome is this monster top? And how adorable?!

Geo Cardigan
This one is on my wishlist for about 3 months now. Still don’t know if I should buy the light one or the black one…

Sleeveless Denim jacket
Does this one need explanation? It’s an awesome jacket!

Leather Jacket
This is so going to be my new leather jacket, since my old one is (sadly) at the end of it’s life.

Fluffy jacket
Just look how soft and fluffy this jacket looks! It looks perfect for winter!

Leather pants
These are SO missing in my closet! The outfits I can make with these!!

Black cutout jeans
These are so super awesome! I want them!

Grey jeans
These are simple, but very awesome!

Black triangle jeans
Another pair of awesome jeans! 🙂

Suspender skirt
I saw these, and fell in love. They are so awesome! Suspender skirts.. Why don’t I own one of these yet?!

Black leather skirt
How awesome is this? After the leather pants, of course I also want a leather skirt!

Cartoon skirt
This cartoon skirt is also one of my loves. It’s kinda busy, but you can skill combine it pretty nicely, I think!

What do you think of my wishlist, or are there a few items you want as well? Please comment!


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A weird girl with a passion for being herself!
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3 Responses to Wishlist 05-09-2013

  1. sharon says:

    omg so much cute stuff i hope you can get them all

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