Outfit // It’s a bit chilly outside

It’s a bit chilly outside, so I needed to dress up more warmly today, that pretty much sucked. But I do quite like this outfit! It’s quite casual and simply, but still nice!

It even began raining a bit today, and that pretty much sucked as well It seems like that summer is really over now, that’s too bad.

Top – Thrifted
Cardigan – Ebay
Pants – H&M
Bracelets – Thrifted
Shoes – Van Haren

When I made the pictures they looked fine, but when I looked at them on the pc, they were quite unfocused. But because it’s already dark (and I spilled food on the top and pants when having dinner) I couldn’t retake the pictures.

This top was the first top I ever thrifted, I believe. I already have it in my posession for about 2 years now, and it’s still really pretty. It’s sleeveless so I need to wear it with a cardigan, but it’s still very comfy! No juwelry and such today, only my favorite bracelets and a ring, no necklace and such. But I still quite like it!


About Dawn

A weird girl with a passion for being herself!
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2 Responses to Outfit // It’s a bit chilly outside

  1. unrealist91 says:

    nice! ^^ The whole thing looks cute and even slightly sexy. 😀

  2. tsukikonishimura says:

    nice ! 🙂

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