What I love about Autumn

It’s autumn already! The summer went by so quickly, and now it’s october already! I think it’s stime for a ‘what I love about Autumn’ post, because all the seasons have their own charm!

I used the pictures of the thing I love about fall tumblr blog! Here are the things I love about autumn!


What do you love about the fall? Share it with me!


About Dawn

A weird girl with a passion for being herself!
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3 Responses to What I love about Autumn

  1. Really like this post! It almost makes me love Autumn myself! Still prefer summer though…
    Anyways, this also makes me think about the things that i like about autumn myself. Hot chocolate, the cold air which makes you just want to cuddle, the many colours that autumn brings to the world, and of course HALLOWEEN!! 😀

  2. tsukikonishimura says:


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