About me // 50 things…

Because you guys really liked the tags I did, I decided to do another one! So today I decided to post the 50 things about me you (probably) didn’t know tag! Here we go!

1. If I paint my nails, I paint both my finger and toe nails.
2. I also have my cute side, and have been working on a cuter blog.
3. I am very indecisive.
4. I am almost a black belt at judo
5. I love hot drinks! Especially Hot coco, tea and coffee!
6. I have multiple best friends, because I find it hard to choose.
7. I come from a gypsy-like family (Like the ones you see in My big fat gypsy wedding)
8. I am highly addicted to Anime & Manga
9. I cosplay a lot
10. I also have a little obsession with the kawaii fashion styles of japan
11. I am allergic to a lot of things.
12. Yaoi and Yuri, enough said.
13. I am bisexual
14. I am very easily distracted
15. My least-favorite subject on school is Math
16. I love acting and being a model.
17. I roleplay a lot with friends, sometimes I also LARP
18. I love making up stories with my besties (mostly with ourselves as the mains!)
19. I love wearing my pyjama’s all day.
20. I used to be over 90 kilo’s
21. I am a sickly person, because my imume system sucks balls.
22. I love musicals
23. I love to read and own over 200 books
24. My hair gets greasy very fast.
25. My biggest wish is to get married and have (or adopt) children
26. I have moodswings
27. I also sometimes have a hard time to decide what style to wear today.
28. I have a big loud mouth and cuss a lot.
29. I love to read the comments on my blog, they mostly make my day!
30. I had 4 boyfriends and 2 girlfriends.
31. I have trouble getting asleep at night
32. I rather use English then Dutch.
33. I am studying to be a graphic designer, but it isn’t what I want to do in the future.
34. I actually want to be a writer!
35. My fantasy is too great for my own good.
36. I am addicted to my phone
37. I love cute things like pastel colors, pearls, little cats, dogs, animals, plushies and a lot more of that kind of things.
38. When I was younger I used to be heavily goth
39. I only had 4 hairstyles in my entire live.
40. I am afraid to be alone
41. I am clastrofobic.
42. I have glasses with extra strong glass & frame because I always broke my old ones.
43. I love watching youtube videos.
44. Right now I am doubting which name to use for my blog; The Style Doll (an old name) or My Candy Dreams.
45. I look a lot to other blogs to get inspiration for mine.
46. I find it difficult to come up with 50 facts about myself.
47. My favorite colors are Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Orange, Red, Purple & Black. But I don’t hate any color.
48. I am a so-called witch, but in reality I just walk the pagan path.
49. I almost always wear a pentagram (I own lots) and the ring I got at a ceremony.
50. My grandfather died this year, and it has left a huge scar.


About Dawn

A weird girl with a passion for being herself!
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2 Responses to About me // 50 things…

  1. Karolina says:

    hi dear! I left a comment on your blog some times ago after you did it on mine, after reading this post I found you are very sensitive and intelligent person and I think we have lots of things in common! let me know if you would like to talk or something, you’ve got my e-mail ๐Ÿ™‚

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