My 15 minutes make-up

Today I decided to show you guys how I do my make-up, what I use and stuff like that. So this morning, while doing my make-up, I made a lot of pictures.

So, let’s start off with what brands I use. I mostly use Catrice & Essence, as shown above. I always try to buy my make-up free of animal testing.

Shown on the picture:
– Essence Matte Powder
– Catrice Photo Finish liquid foundation
– Essence Maximum Definition mascara
– Essence Eyepencil
– Essence Concealer.

I always start with my foundation.

Then the concealer, mostly under my eyes, the red dots on my cheeks, around & on my nose, and sometimes a bit on my chin. After that, I finish it off with the powder, to matte the whole deal and seal it off. It also causes the foundation to become slightly lighter of colour, because a foundation in my skintone is very difficult to get by.

After that I simply draw a line above and under my eyes, and then some mascara. And done is my make-up! I do this almost every day, and it costs me 15 minutes, at the most.

I have never made so much selfies in one day! But it was really fun to do! So here you go!


About Dawn

A weird girl with a passion for being herself!
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4 Responses to My 15 minutes make-up

  1. unrealist91 says:

    Another new clue into the world of you ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Lovely, natural look! Gorgeous make-up!

  3. Shaffrona Delaney says:

    well done ๐Ÿ™‚

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