Another 5 random things in my room

I just love showing you guys random stuff in my room! So here you go, 5 more random things that you can find in my room!

2 cute black pumpkins a friend got me today. Aren’t they just super adorable?

Cute witch snowglobe I got from the same friend as the pumpkins! She knows me soooo well!

Awesome drinking thingy, how is this even called? Because we all need a little bit of instant courage. I also got this one from a good friend!

My green & pink dragon statues. I like to imagine that they are a couple. :3

And last but not least; my broom! Because every witch needs one!

I hope you enjoyed this 5 random things in my room part 2, and with a bit of luck, when I got more awesome stuff, I might do another part! Enjoy!


About Dawn

A weird girl with a passion for being herself!
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6 Responses to Another 5 random things in my room

  1. This is my BROOMSTICK!

  2. They’re called flasks, hahaha. SO cute! I love Halloween stuff.

    • Dawn says:

      A flask? I think I won’t forget it that fast, now. ~ Thank you! And halloween stuff is always fun to have in your room, even when it isn’t halloween!

  3. so much cute ness and halloweeny goodness loving it 🙂

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