Youtube Favorites #1

Next to tumblr, I spend my free time on Youtube. So I of course also have my favorites on youtube. Because my Tumblr Favorites is such a succes, here are my youtube favorites!

My absolute favorite youtube Channel is IWillPress, and that’s all because of Foamy! He’s so awesome! Here’s one of the newest chibi episodes!

Another Youtuber I follow for quite a while already is Sebastian Collumbine. I especially like this Tutorial, because it looks absolutely gorgeous!

Another Youtuber I love to follow is Psychara0x, I also follow her on facebook, where she’s named Psychara. Her OOTD are always very awesome, and she’s a huge inspiration to me!

This is ZombieSenn, I absolutely adore this girl. She looks marvelous, even though she has a plussize. This is a girl with a great sense of fashion. I found her with a link pn Psychara’s Facebook page, and have been watching her videos and looking at her page ever since.

This is LigeiaResurrected, and I already follow her from the very beginning that I made my Youtube account.

That where my five favorite videos of the moment! I hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed them!


About Dawn

A weird girl with a passion for being herself!
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One Response to Youtube Favorites #1

  1. VamppiV says:

    Good post! Inspiring videos 🙂

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