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LookBook Loves #1

I am on Lookbook a lot. So.. why don’t share my hypes from there? Enjoy! Advertisements

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Outfit Inspiration #2

I am still low on inspiration, so I decided to do another Outfit Inspiration post!

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Tumblr Favorites #10

Time for another tumblr favorites! Here are the jewels I found this time!

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Nail Art Inspiration #1

I was googling, and I found awesome nailarts! Here are some of my favorites that I really want to try out!

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Youtube Favorites #1

Next to tumblr, I spend my free time on Youtube. So I of course also have my favorites on youtube. Because my Tumblr Favorites is such a succes, here are my youtube favorites!

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Tumblr Favorites #9

I reblog way too much. I can’t help it, really! There is just so much nice and fun things on Tumblr. And I want to share all of it!

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Tumblr Favorites #8

It’s time for another Tumblr Favorites! I found some jewels again, enjoy!

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Tumblr Favorites #7

Tumblr really shouldn’t be allowed, because they really distract me from my homework and such. But here are my new tumblr favorites!

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Outfit inspiration

I am running low on inspiration, lately, so I decided that it’s time to make some inspiration posts. Here is the first one!

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Tumblr Favorites #6

Oh Tumblr, with you pretty treasures all over the place! Here are my favorites of this moment! Enjoy!

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