About the Blogger
My name is Dawn and I’m born at January 4th 1993. I’m not going to write down how old I am, because I would need to change that every year, and I will probably forget. I’ve been blogging for a year before I finally started The Art Of Being Weird. I would say I have a girly style. In my closet you’ll most likely find dresses, skirts, shirts, blouses and a lot of colors. I love colors, cute prints, bows, lace, and a lot more!

About the Blog
The name has a weird origin. I was hanging out with a friend, and it was kind of a saying in our group. And I simply thought it would be a brilliant name for my blog! And so it became the name of my blog. I gave a lot of though to what to put on it, until I decided to put just everything online that I liked, it was my blog after all. Resulting in it being quite random.

Have fun on my blog!


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